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بن 10-آتشي يا heatblast

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گوئن تني سون

Gwen’s full name is Gwendolyn “Gwen” Tennyson. She is also ten years old and she and Ben share the same birthday. She and Ben share a love and hate relationship and she keeps taunting and insulting him in witty way all the time. She is an efficient gymnast and has got some training in martial arts. She makes good research on strange people and creatures, which they might come across. She has inborn talent for using complex devices or objects. In the series, once she gained the ‘Omnitrix’ and she outdoes Ben in manipulating its power.

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بن 10 و شخصيت هاي متفاوتش

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بن تنی سون ، گوون تني سون و كوين دردسرساز

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tara strong

تارا استرونگ

از صداپیشگان مشهور و پرکار هالیوود

 که با صدایش در سریال انیمیشن بن ۱۰

در نقش بن تنی سون بازی می کند

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بن 10

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کروکودیلی در لباس مجری

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بن ، گوئن و مكس تني سان

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بن 10 و دوستانش

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بن 10

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